About Us

Clinton and I, Bron, would like to welcome you to our stunning Church in KwaZulu Natal Thornville, and new Venue in the country.  Our story began when we were searching for a Wedding Venue for our Wedding.  

With the cost of the wedding venues on offer, and our budget, as well as it being both of ours second wedding, we were shocked at the cost just to hire a venue!!  Clinton took me to the Newleeds Church which has been in the Stead Family since the 1800’s and I immediately fell in love with the quiet, intimate, peaceful country Church.  

We began fixing her up since September 2017 and it has been a lovely journey, which we are now ready to share with the many couples that are looking for an affordable, small, beautiful and historic Church to have their wedding ceremony in the Country.


Clinton and I look forward to making your wedding day dreams come true for you and your family. We add an extra family touch to hiring our Church and Venue with many extras and options.


O ur Journey

From the first day I laid eyes on the Church I knew what had to be done. Almost every day I took photos of the renovations and building, as well as the beginning stages of the garden and its progress.  I invite you to click on the Gallery button and join me in my journey, through the tough days and the happy days, when a job had been finished and a plant had new life..